Maybe you’ve always wanted to implement a DEI strategy. Or you already have an initiative but feel something’s missing.

You’re not alone. While more companies than ever before are recognizing the importance of bringing in and welcoming many voices to the table, it’s not always easy to buck tradition and “business as usual.”


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Still, some companies have been seeing big results and measurable changes, and their success leaves clues. In two case studies from very different organizations — a government agency and a private company — we show you the challenges, insights, strategies, and surprises that companies have encountered on their journeys.


Are you curious about what Diversio can do for you? Our case studies show you how companies have worked with us, the results they’ve gotten, and what DEI strategies have meant for them. Hear in their own words what the process has been like.

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Learn how organizations in different sectors have used Diversio's data-driven Recommendation Engine™ to empower their leadership and teams to take actionable steps. Read on to:

  • Get inspired by their efforts
  • Understand what Diversio can do
  • Understand some of the challenges they have faced — and how they overcame them
  • See the difference accurate metrics have made in their efforts
  • Learn about unexpected discoveries that occurred along the way
  • Look at how our AI-driven platform was implemented

Pull back the curtain and hear from other companies just like yours who have stood where you are right now. See how they created meaningful cross-cultural change and how you can, too.

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Learn How Organizations Have Created DEI Strategies

Data-Driven DEI Leads to Measurable Change: Two Case Studies with Diversio.