HR leaders can now measure, track, & improve
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
within a single platform

  • 80% Employee participation rate – higher than any other in the industry.
  • DEI Pain Points analyzed & processed within 2 weeks.
  • Advanced features including DEI reporting, industry benchmarking, data visualization with heatmaps, and KPI tracking.
  • Average increase in Inclusion Score™ by +2.7 within the first year of adopting a Diversio driven DEI improvement strategy.

See the power of Diversio in action today!

Jane Fedoretz
Executive Vice-President, People, Talent & Transformation
The Diversio platform has brought attention to areas we need to improve, and we are grateful for the tool that allows us to monitor our progress and strive for even better diversity, equity and results.”
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Creating Measurably More Inclusive Workspaces